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Benefits of dry ice blasting can help your business

cleaning small details with dry ice blasting

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Dry ice blasting machine is a superior cleaning solution that is mostly used for factories and plants but is still new in the Vietnamese market. Let’s find out more about the 8 benefits of dry ice blasting that this cleaning device can bring and how exactly it works.

Time-saving and superior cleaning

If traditional cleaning methods have limitations and inadequacies, with the dry ice blasting machine, the equipment will be cleaned to the maximum thanks to advanced scientific technology. The combination of kinetic energy and thermodynamics will break the bond between the impurities and the device surface, removing stains in just one use.

Because of its recycling feature, dry ice blaster will not affect the environment nor contribute to the greenhouse effect when used with these machines.

Another advantage is that when it collides with the surface, dry ice will sublimate; change from solid to gas, and evaporate. Thereby, giving you maximum cleaning equipment even while in operation without leaving any secondary dirt. Save up to 75% cleaning time compared to conventional methods.

Non-abrasive and damage-free to device’s surface

On the Mohs scale of hardness, dry ice is only in the range of 1.5 – 2. It is therefore considered a very soft medium that can clean most surfaces without abrading or damaging them yet powerful enough to remove years of deposits from production line machinery.

This is a huge advantage compared to traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting or cleaning with detergents that will wear machines of over time.

Maintain machine productivity

With dry ice blasting machine, you will not need to spend time disassembling then reassemble the machine to clean hard-to-reach crevices and angles. Instead, the device allowed you to clean the equipment directly even while they are still hot and online.

Dry ice blasting can keep your productivity well
Dry ice blasting can keep your productivity well

This minimizes downtime, increases production efficiency, and helps businesses grow. Besides, you will also save money, effort as well as manpower as it only requires one person to operate the dry ice blasting machine.

No secondary waste

For cleaning, the dry ice blasting machine uses recycled CO2 dry ice that is blasted out at supersonic speeds. Upon impact with the surface that needs cleaning, dry ice sublimates and changes from solid-state to gaseous then vaporizes. This makes cleaning extremely easy and spotless, leaving no secondary waste and a completely dry, moisture-free cleaning environment.

This is one of the great advantages because usually when cleaning with water, chemicals, sand… these cleaning processes will leave secondary waste and toxic chemical mixtures on the floor. Therefore, sometimes the process of secondary waste disposal after cleaning is very time consuming to handle and clean up.

Environmentally Friendly

Dry ice is a colorless, odorless media created as a by-product of other industrial processes; then collected and recycled. Because of its recycling feature, dry ice blaster will not affect the environment nor contribute to the greenhouse effect when used with these machines. It is also an EPA, USDA, and FDA-approved material thanks to its non-toxic, non-hazardous characteristic and is approved to use around food.

Can clean even the smallest crevices and molds

For any businesses that need to clean molds or small cavities for production such as those within the medical device industry, it is difficult to clean the parts by hand, and using the sandblasting method will be very abrasive to the equipment’s surface. With a dry ice blasting machine, employees can easily reach out to the smallest crevices and molds; providing optimal cleaning.

cleaning small details with dry ice blasting
Cleaning small details with dry ice blasting

Besides, the operator can change the dry ice particle size and dry ice velocity when using. Smaller particles, combined with lower acceleration, will provide a gentler cleaning. An ideal choice for machines with many small and complex parts.

Safe for workers health

With traditional cleaning methods, scrubbing and cleaning can cause a lot of back pain after many hours or using detergents to clean can affect workers’ health greatly in the long run. Using a dry ice blasting machine for cleaning is not only effective but also extremely safe and easy to use. It is totally non-toxic and does not required any chemicals during usage.

Can be used in many applications

Dry ice blaster applied advanced technology which can be used in a variety of fields, such as: Automotive, food and beverage, printing, packaging, and cleaning wood… Cleaning with this device can help factories and businesses meet quality, service and productivity goals as well as industry and government regulatory standards.

using dry ice cleaning for cleaning injection mold
Dry ice blasting can be applied in many industries


A dry ice machine blasting is an investment in the long run because of its superior cleaning capabilities and efficiency. Not only will it help plants and factories save a lot of time, but also increases production efficiency, save resources as well as be environmentally friendly.

Currently, Specco2 is the authorized distributor of SPECCo2 in Vietnam, specializing in distributing dry ice machines and producing dry ice. If your business needs consulting, please contact Specco2 for 24/7 support.

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