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Best way to clean cement from machine is using dry ice blaster

làm sạch lớp xi măng trên máy móc thiết bị

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It is very important to ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment in the cement production process by cleaning cement that stuck on the surface of the machines. Therefore, for manufacturing plants, maintenance is always a top concern. Let’s learn about the difficulties and hygiene solutions with Specco2 in the cement industry in the article below.


Apart from cement production, we also have other machinery and equipment that are used commonly within the manufacturing process. They are cement filling stations, cement kiln, clinker, mixers, large components (i.e conveyor belts), electric components,… When in use, these pieces of equipment often face problems such as rust, corrosion, grease, and hardened cement build-ups on the machine’s surface. Furthermore, there can also the fugitive dust generated in a large amount and got in between machines’ crevices. Some even stuck in small cavities which are hard to reach and very difficult to completely rinse off. 

Normally, to do the general equipment cleaning, these factories often used a lot of water and chemical detergents. They pour this combination on the machinery’s surface and wait for a while for the detergents to work their way: soften all the rust, build up cement and its fugitive dust before rinsing and scrubbing it off. But this method doesn’t work wonders as it cannot fully eliminate all the rust and buildups. This work is extremely time-consuming and requires considerable human resources. Not only that, cleaning materials can greatly affect the health of the person performing the cleaning work.

Cement was stucked on the machine
Cement was stucked on the machine


To overcome the limitations of conventional cleaning methods, manufacturers have now turned to a newer and remarkably effective method. It is a method of cleaning machinery and equipment using a dry ice blasting machine.

How dry ice blasting works

This cleaning device uses recycled CO2 by liquefying then solidifying it into a solid form; other known as dry ice and they come in different shapes and sizes. To use the device, you’ll only have to perform 2 easy steps:

  • Put a sufficient amount of dry ice into the hopper of the dry ice machine and then blow on the parts that need cleaning such as conveyors, mixers, …, including hard to reach surfaces.
  • Dry ice is accelerated by compressed air, through specially designed nozzles at supersonic speed, hitting the surface of the device. Dispels stubborn plaque and dirt on engine surfaces without leaving any secondary waste behind.

When in use, the machine will blast the accelerated, super-cooled dry ice pellets at supersonic speed onto the surface that needs cleaning. The direct head-on impact will cause thermodynamic shock on the contaminants. Knocking them out completely while the dry ice changes to gas and disappears into thin air. You can rest assured that during the process, the surfaces will not be damaged at all thanks to the softness of solid CO2 as it ranges only about 1.5 – 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which is non-abrasive.

You will need a dry ice making machine if you want to produce dry ice right at your work

Using dry ice blaster to clean cement from machine
Using dry ice blaster to clean cement from machine

The advantages of dry ice blasting equipment

Reduces production downtime and significantly clean faster

Normally, if you clean the machinery or equipment by hand, it will be very time-consuming and require lots of strength to scrub off the build-up cement, rust as well as corrosion. Additionally, there is always risk of scratching the surface which leads to machine weariness. Did you know? Using dry ice blasting can you save up to 75% the amount of time compared to previous cleaning methods. Because of this, cleaning wood of old construction with dry ice blaster is highly recommended. You can have a look at our Icetech dry ice blaster


Dry ice is a soft ingredient that ranges only about 1.5 – 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Thanks to its feature, we can use dry ice to clean almost everything. From large equipment to electric components and even small, complex geometries that are normally hard to reach. This extends the equipment’s life and reduces the chance of machine damage during the cleaning procedure. Dry ice blasters also used to clean in food industry

No secondary waste -Environmentally friendly

When in use, the machine will blast the accelerated, super-cooled dry ice pellets at supersonic speed onto the surface that needs cleaning. The direct head-on impact will cause thermodynamic shock on the contaminants. Knocking them out completely while the dry ice turns to gas and disappears into thin air. Thanks to this advanced technology, there will be no secondary waste as well as no additional cleaning required. It’s a win-win for everyone and also a sustainable cleaning method that is environmentally friendly too. It will be good when cleaning industrial machinery

Increased efficiency and enhanced operator safety

Dry ice blasting can work wonders as you can use it directly on equipment or machinery that is still working without the need to stop the machine, disassemble then reassemble it. The best thing is that, you’ll only need one person to perform the cleaning and there will be no repetitive manual cleaning motions (i.e scrubbing). Minimizing downtime can help production run continuously without interruption. This means a lot if you considered how many kilograms of cement can be produced and delivered every day. Furthermore, dry ice blasting can reduce exposure to hazardous cleaning agents. It is a chemical-free cleaning solution that can protect the health of employees who perform the cleaning and those that are on-site too. 

Real experience

As an example, the Hon Chong cement factory in Kien Giang used a dry ice machine to serve the purpose of general equipment cleaning and received the result they wanted. Before cleaning, the device is covered with fine dust, clumped cement layers on the surface as well as rust stains. In addition, there are small crevices as well as hard-to-reach surfaces that make cleaning extremely difficult.

With the dry ice blasting machine, this cement plant was able to clean every nook and cranny, remove stubborn stains and leave the machine in a pristine condition, ready to be used. Additionally, there was no leftover debris and they were very satisfied with the result.

the result after using dry ice blaster to clean cement from machine
the result after using dry ice blaster to clean cement from machine

Dry ice blasting product to clean cement on machine

Icetech Xcel 6

SPECCo2 Icetech Xcel 6 is designed with stainless steel frame and advanced operating principles, you can now evolve the way you clean with our IceTech Xcel 6. This durable dry ice blasting machine will provide you with satisfying cleaning results in just a short amount of time.

Some advantages of IceTech Xcel 6 dry ice blaster:

  • The stainless steel structure is designed to be long-lasting and reliable.
  • Control the amount of dry ice easily with the dosing system 
  • Insulated lid and funnel ensure minimal sublimation of dry ice and consistent, uninterrupted cleaning.
  • User-friendly control panel for easy control of dry ice blasting parameters.
Icetech Xcel 6
Icetech Xcel 6


It can be very hard work when it comes to cleaning in the cement industry. You got hardened cement build-ups, rust, corrosion, and fugitive dust everywhere. Some are hard to scrub off, some are hard to reach and clean up. Nevertheless, with the ultimate dry ice blasting machine, not only will you be able to reduce the cleaning and downtime significantly but you can also enhance productivity and have an ultra-clean working space too.

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