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Produce more dry ice with less CO2 with Co2 recovery system

When you produce dry ice, about 50% of the CO2 used to produce ice is lost physically. With all of our patented CO2 Recovery system - RE80 & RE160 & RE240 - you can reduce air loss and get more dry ice from recovered CO2. As a result, there are significant savings not only in production costs but also in CO2 supply and transport costs.

CO2 recovery system of Specco2

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Only 40% of the liquid CO2 transported by truck and charged into the storage tank ever become solid product. After the liquid is injected into the dry ice pelletizer, 60% transform into gas. In most cases, the gas is vented out tthrough an exhaust pipe.


Our RE80 CO2 Recovery system is suitable for smaller dry ice machines or up to 120 kg per hour and is a perfect fit for our PE80 Dry Ice Machine. Not only that, the device is also compatible with other brands' dry ice machines with buffer tank support.


Our CO2 recovery system RE160 is suitable for pellet presses producing 160 kg or more dry ice. It can also be set up in a variety of units for larger dry ice production.

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