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Only 40% of the liquid CO2 transported by truck and charged into the storage tank ever become solid product. After the liquid is injected into the dry ice pelletizer, 60% transform into gas. In most cases, the gas is vented out tthrough an exhaust pipe.


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Capture, re-liquefaction and reutilization of the exhaust gas.


All of the CO2 coming out of the "chimney" can be captured and turned into useful solid product, instead of being transported in vain and forever wasted, causing unnecessary costs and carbon emissions.


The RE320-UNI from Aquila Triventek is the only
CO2 gas recovery unit for dry ice pelletizers on the market, that is suitable for low, medium and high scale dry ice production, all along. A truly feasible solution in terms of investment and operation costs

  • Capture & liquefaction Capacity: 320 kg/h
  • Power Supply (other voltages and frequencies upon request): 3x400V/50Hz
  • Power Connection: 125A/3P+N+E
  • Power consumption: Variable - Max. 45 kWh

Effective Power consumption depends upon flow of gas, ambient temperature, dimensions and insulation properties of existing CO2 pipeline )

  • Max. ambient temperature: 35°C
  • Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 2.570 x 1.433 x 2.162
  • Weight (kg): 2500 kg (without buffer tank)


CO2 Recovery System of Specco2

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Our CO2 Recovery System RE80 is suitable for smaller productions up to 120 kg per hour and is a perfect fit for our PE80 Dry Ice making machine. With a buffer tank, it is also compatible with other brands of pelletizers. And moreover, it can be set up into a series of multiple units for larger dry ice production.


The RE160 Co2 Gas Recovery Unit from Aquila Triventek collects all the ”revert” gas, which is usually wasted during dry ice production, converts it back to liquid CO2 and return it to the used pelletizer.

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