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Dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste


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Dry ice cleaning machine is chosen in the cleaning of industrial equipment, especially in the field of manufacturing plastic equipment and composite materials because of its outstanding advantages. One of the most obvious advantages of the dry ice blasting machine is that this device does not leave any secondary waste, which leads to ensuring the safety of the environment. Find out why the dry ice machine leaves no secondary waste with Specco2 in this article.

dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste
Dry ice blasting can leave no secondary waste

What is dry ice blaster ?

The dry ice blasting machine is an industrial cleaning device that does not cause abrasion, affecting the surface and quality of the product as well as the equipment being cleaned. The dry ice machine uses 2 main sources of energy for cleaning, which is the external compressed air and dry ice.

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid state. To produce dry ice, a dry ice maker will be used with a large tank to freeze dry ice at a temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius. After solidifying, the dry ice will be stored in suitable insulated container to ensure that the dry ice will not evaporate out.

You might also need a dry ice making machine to produce dry ice to be more aggressive in your job. The insulated container of Specco2 is highly recommended to store dry ice in the best condition

Why dry ice blaster leaves no secondary waste

Using dry ice as the main material for cleaning equipment surfaces in the plastics and composites industry is a good decision as this material leaves no secondary waste.

When in contact with the surface to be cleaned with supersonic speed, dry ice will remove all stains on the surface. Immediately, the dry ice will also evaporate and leave no secondary waste. The reason is because the dry ice used for cleaning is very small and light. When contacting surfaces that need to be cleaned at high speed, they evaporate easily and leave no secondary waste.

If you compare the dry ice machine with the sandblaster cleaning, it is clear that the dry ice will evaporate immediately and does not take too long to clean up. Meanwhile, the sand cleaning method will cause you to spend more time cleaning the secondary waste.

Because of such rapid evaporation and made from recycle carbon dioxide, dry ice is also an environmentally friendly material.

Dry ice can be applied in these two industries:

Types  of dry ice blaster that suits for your need

Aero2 PCS 60

The Aero2 PCS 60 is designed to give users full control using SPECCo2’s patented Particle Control System (PCS), which allows users to customize dry ice firing parameters. Besides, the dry ice will also be cut into diamond-shaped particles to the exact size selected by the operator (from 0.3mm to 3mm).

Some advantages of the PCS 60 series:

  • Performance changes industry: The blast stream is consistent and pulse-free.
  • Intuitive screen: Easily view and control blasting parameters and machine settings on the 7” color LCD display.
  • Full control provides a level of precision and flexibility even at a distance..
  • Programmable applications: The user can set and save application formulations (burst pressure, particle size, feed rate), thereby ensuring the most efficient use of materials and preventing errors during operation.
  • Ergonomics: The machine is designed to optimize and combine materials, reducing weight and size with redesigned bellows for greater flexibility and durability.
  • Lower noise level and effective cleaning at lower blowing air pressure.
  • IoT capabilities for remote monitoring and diagnostics with the industry’s first SPECCo2 CONNECT.

PCS 60 is IoT enabled through SPECCo2’s 4.0 technology solution, SPECCo2 CONNECT. The system provides remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Aero 2 PCS 60
Aero 2 PCS 60

Aero2 PLT 60

Built on ground-breaking Aero2 technology, the PLT 60 is designed for applications that require more robustness, making it the most efficient dry ice machine available. This machine is enabled through SPECCo2’s 4.0 technology solution, SPECCo2 CONNECT which provides remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

With the SureFlow feeding system, it not only helps users to minimize air pressure loss but also maximizes air supply capacity and limits dry ice waste. In addition, the Aero2 PLT 60 features a 7” LCD display with digital controls, providing an intuitive display that allows the user to easily view, program or adjust the firing parameters. dry as well as install the machine. Such as setting and saving burst pressure and feed speed parameters.

Aero2 PLT 60
Aero2 PLT 60

You can have a look of our Icetech series dry ice blaster


Hopefully through this article, you can understand why dry ice leaves no secondary waste and is completely environmentally friendly. To learn more about dry ice as well as cleaning equipment like dry ice blasting machine, you can contact Specco2 directly for a free consultation.

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