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Dry ice blasting vs sandblasting: Which is the best

dry ice blasting vs sandblasting

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In the field of cleaning and maintaining machinery and equipment today, two commonly used solutions are dry ice blasting and the sandblasting technique. So which solution is the most optimal for your cleaning options? In this article, Specco2 will make a comparison: dry ice blasting vs sandblasting and which one is the best for you. Now let’s dive into it

When to use sandblasting

Although this is called a sandblasting technique, there are many abrasive compounds used to clean the surfaces of machines. Examples of some of the sand-like compounds used are soda, glass, etc.

This technique is considered an suitable solution for cleaning and removing stubborn layers such as paint, equipment experiencing wear, or oil stains on concrete surfaces.

However, because it is an extremely abrasive compound, this sandblasting technique may have some effect on the surface of the device. If used for a long time, the abrasive compound will weardown the surface structure of your equipment.

If you intend to remove oil on concrete floors or stubborn paint coatings, this method is completely useful.

Therefore, you need to make sure that if the surface of the device is not damaged after using this technique. If not, then this is not the right solution for you.

Not only that, sandblasting requires specialized equipment to minimize potential health risks. Depending on each use, sand particles can be deposited in the crevices of the machine, making it more time-consuming to remove the remaining sand particles. Therefore, sandblasting can only work effectively on flat surfaces without having to contact the openings around the machine and not be the best fit for complex machinery.

When to use the dry ice blasting

Basically, dry ice blasting technique is similar to sandblasting technique, but there are a few key differences. The first difference is by using dry ice blasting machine, this technique does not cause equipment wear.

Instead of using small abrasives such as sand and soda, this technique uses dry ice less aggressive and not abrasive.

With this dry ice blasting technique, contact with the device surface combined with extremely cold temperatures and expansion during sublimation helps to mix and remove dirt, rust and other contaminants. After use, CO2 dry ice immediately sublimates and left nothing behind

As mentioned above, the dry ice technique does not deform or affect the metal’s dry ice contact surface. Another benefit is that dry ice does not leave any secondary residue: no liquid and no microparticles.

However, the dry ice method is less active than the sandblasting technique because it does not rely solely on impact to get the job done.

To overcome this solution, the E-CO2 150 Dry Ice Blaster is the proper solution when combining dry ice blasting with another abrasive compound, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility.

You can have a look of our Icetech series dry ice blaster

Dry ice can be applied in these two industries:

You might also need a dry ice making machine to produce dry ice to be more aggressive in your job. The insulated container of Specco2 is highly recommended to store dry ice in the best condition

Dry ice blasting vs sandblasting: What is the best solution for you

Hopefully, this article provides you with the necessary information for a more accurate understanding of CO2 dry ice and sandblasting techniques. If you need a device that uses a lot of power and doesn’t mind setting up and cleaning up after cleaning, sandblasting will be a solution for you to consider.

And if you want a simpler technique, don’t have to customize too much, and save more time and resources, the CO2 dry ice blasting technique is perfect for you.



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