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Dry Ice Cleaning Improves Product Quality


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In the article about the benefits of a dry ice machine for cleaning plastic molds and composites, we have a good understanding of the cleaning principles of dry ice as well as how the dry ice machine works. This article will help you better understand how the dry ice machine helps to improve the product quality of plastic molds and composites.

dry ice blasting help improve quality of the product 
Dry ice blasting help improve quality of the product 

Why dry ice blasting help improve quality of the product 

When factories and enterprises use plastic molds and composites to create products, many unwanted impurities appear. During the production process, residues from previous products are not cleaned thoroughly, which will directly affect the product quality later then.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean plastic molds and composites after each production. Cleaning the mold will help remove any remaining dirt and residue. This ensures product quality is still as good as possible

How does dry ice blasting machine help improve product quality?

After cleaning plastic molds and composites with a dry ice blasting machine, some of the obvious benefits you can expect to see in subsequent production are:

  • Product quality is guaranteed to be the same
  • No residues appear on the surface of the product
  • Your businesses will not have to spend any extra costs to compensate for the product’s poor quality

Will dry ice blasting damage surface of the products

Dry ice blasting machine uses dry ice as the material to clean the surface of the product. When dry ice hits the surface of the product at supersonic speed, it instantly evaporates and leaves no residue behind.

It can be said that the dry ice machine does not damage the surface of the product at all. Even the dry ice blasting machine is considered the most optimal tool to clean products, ensuring the quality of the product is always at the highest level.

Dry ice can be applied in these three industries:

You might also need a dry ice making machine to produce dry ice to be more aggressive in your job. The insulated container of Specco2 is highly recommended to store dry ice in the best condition

Furthermore, dry ice blasting can be used for other industries to improve quality of products


Consistent product quality, leaving no dirt and saving costs for businesses are the reasons that dry ice blasting machines are used to maintain product quality at the best level. If you have a need to learn about this product, do not hesitate to contact Specco2 for consultation 24/7.

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