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Are you looking for an optimal solution to produce dry ice with low capacity? Triventek dry ice machine - PE50 & PE80 will meet your requirements. With outputs from 50-80 kg/h, our patented equipment provides high quality, free of impurities, dry ice that can be used for cleaning or cooling in many industries. .


Dry ice machine of Triventek

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Our PE50 dry ice machine can produce up to 50 kg of dry ice per hour in various sizes. The equipment is simple to operate and with the pressure regulator you can start producing dry ice by connecting the dry ice maker to a CO2 battery instead of a mini cryo flask.


The PE80 dry ice machine can produce up to 80 kg of dry ice per hour and is fully automatic with Plug & Play function, display according to pressure condition. The machine can also be designed with a compact design and is the perfect choice for those who want to produce dry ice with flexibility.

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