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Easy and flexible production of high quality dry ice ”on tap”

With a PE50 Pelletizer from Aquila Triventek you are ensured a flexible production of high quality dry ice ”on tap”, which makes it possible to get the exact amount of dry ice you need when you need it. Thus securing an efficient supply of dry ice without any  unnecessary waste and at a profitable price at the same time.


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High quality dry ice "on tap"


Our PE50 dry ice machine can produce up to 50 kg of dry ice per hour in various sizes and with the pressure regulator you can start producing dry ice by connecting the pelletizer with CO2 batteries instead of mini cryo flasks. Installation is easy, just connect to a power source and the machine will work. PE50 is the perfect choice for in-house production with low demand (less than 200 kg of dry ice per day).

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  • Aquila Triventek raises the standard for dry ice production with the revolutionary PE50 Pelletizer, making it both profitable and easy to start one's own production.
  • Unlike other pelletizers, the PE50 can connect to more than one mini cryo container.
  • Equipped with our high pressure regulator "on site" producing 50 kg of dry ice per hour can also be set up with the use of a CO2 Battery.
  • Combined with low capital breakthrough costs, PE50 is therefore an obvious alternative to dry ice sourcing.
  • Compact, portable and user-friendly
  • Start production quickly
  • Ideal for small “on-site” dry ice production
  • Provides Flexibel CO2 and less waste
  • Easy and low maintenance cost
  • Production of pellets in 1.7 + 2.2 + 3 + 8 mm
  • Maintenance plan
  • Find a maintenance plan or schedule safety and preventive maintenance checks.

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The PE80 dry ice maker can create up to 80 kg of dry ice per hour and is completely automated with a Plug & Play feature and pressure indicator. The machine may also be built to be small, making it an excellent alternative for those looking to produce dry ice with flexibility.

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