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Produce up to 80kg of dry ice per hour

The PE80 dry ice making machine can produce up to 80 kg of dry ice per hour. PE80 operates fully automatically, simply connect to the power source, press the run button and the display shows the pressure condition. The machine has a neat, simple design and is the perfect choice for those who want to produce flexible dry ice in moderate quantities.


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Produce up to 80kg of dry ice per hour


The PE80 dry ice maker can generate up to 80 kg of dry ice per hour. Simply connect the PE80 to a power supply, click the run button, and the display reveals the pressure situation. The machine has a sleek, straightforward design and is ideal for individuals who need to make flexible dry ice in small amounts.

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  • This revolutionary device from Aquila Triventek sets new standards in dry ice production. Using dry ice becomes easy and logistical challenges such as storage and availability are no longer an issue.
  • The PE80 Pelletizer can be upgraded with the addition of the patented Aquila Triventek Recovery unit, which captures and recycles the reconstituted gas to practically halve the cost of dry ice.
  • With a breakthrough low capital cost, PE80 makes dry ice use easy and affordable for lower volume users.
  • Simple, reliable and affordable
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Ideal for on-site production (dry ice on tap)
  • Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost
  • Production of pellets in 1.7 + 2.2 + 3 + 8 + 16 mm
  • Changing extrusion plates is easy and simple
  • Consume less CO2 during start-upConsume less CO2 during start-up
  • Suitable for restoration business
  • Maintenance plan
  • Find a maintenance plan or schedule safety and preventive maintenance checks.

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Our PE50 dry ice making machine can produce up to 50 kg of dry ice per hour in various sizes. The equipment is simple to operate and with the pressure regulator you can start producing dry ice by connecting the dry ice maker to a CO2 battery instead of a mini cryo flask.

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