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Is dry ice blasting environmentally friendly ? Here is your answer !

is dry ice environmentally friendly

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Nowadays, the use of dry ice cleaning methods is very wide in the areas such as car cleaning, machinery, and equipment cleaning. So is dry ice blasting environmentally friendly? The answer is yes, the reason is it was made from recycled CO2. Let’s dig deeper to know this with Specco2 through the following article.

Dry ice is made from recycled CO2

Dry ice is a solid material made from CO2, which then gets recycled. Thus, one can understand this to be a by-product of the industrial process.

Because of its friendliness towards the environment, dry ice is considered to be a natural product that does not add or create any other CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, it has no negative impact on the environment and does not cause any kind of greenhouse effect. 

Because of its friendly feature towards the environment, dry ice is widely used in our daily lives. The most widespread application of dry ice is being used as a material for industrial machinery cleaning or factory cleaning

In addition, dry ice is also used in many other areas such as food preservation/cold storage or pharmaceutical delivery systems.

Dry ice is stored in insulated container
Dry ice can be used in many industries

Dry Ice is approved by EPA, USDA & FDA

Thanks to the advantages outlined above, dry ice is approved and used by the EPA, USDA & FDA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S Food and Drug Administration và U.S Department of Agriculture).

Besides, with food processors, dry ice cleaning have been documented by the Food Standards Agency to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria

Known as one of the world’s most strict standards and highest quality of life countries, this organization annually releases a list of toxic substances, harmful carcinogens absolutely prohibited for any business that violates general rules to punish. So dry ice approval by the three organizations mentioned above has encouraged the dry ice industry to develop further.

In addition, the cleaning method by dry ice is considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean up the best in many industries thanks to its safety. If your company is in F&B industry (Food & Beverage), that means related to food production and beverage, then you do not have to worry much about dry ice cleaning techniques.

This technique will also eliminate unwanted elements when food is produced, such as:

  • Rodent or insect
  • Food contaminated by germs and fungus
  • The pathogen that appeared through air
  • Particles of grease and dirt or grime are found in food processing plants.

Dry ice cleaning is used to clean F&B equipment
Dry ice blaster can be used to clean F&B equipment

Dry Ice Cleaning will help the workers stay away from dangerous & harmful chemicals

By using dry ice blaster, cleaning needs will be decreased since the cleaning chemicals will no longer be necessary.

At present, many cleaning chemicals are being used for the purpose of cleaning machines and equipment, etc. However, among their disadvantages is that the workers need to clean again and wash away all the leftover residue from the chemical. And sometimes cleaning chemicals also have a negative effect on the health of workers when they expose regularly.

When using dry ice blaster, only one shot is needed to clean all the dirt on the surface being cleaned. Thus, it is very easy to clean up with this method. It can be applied to remove wall paint or molds located in the old construction.

To use this machine, only a certain amount of dry ice, compressed air supply source and power supply are needed. You also need an insulated container to store dry ice. Therefore, it is important to understand how to set up a dry ice blaster so that the cleaning can be done in an easy way.

Dry Ice Cleaning helps to reduce hazardous waste

When compared to other methods of cleanliness such as cleaning with soda, laser, or sand, for example, the advantages of the dry ice cleaning process are obvious.

Immediately after cleaning, dry ice sublimes immediately into the air, leaving no residue of any kind. But if other methods such as sandblasting are used, then the cleaners have to spend additional time to clean up the remaining residues. This shows that companies will have to spend more time and money on cleaners.

It’s clear that this is an environmentally-friendly method of cleaning, saving a lot of money for companies, corporations.

Is dry ice blasting environmentally friendly

It may be useful to note that recognizing a dry ice blasting machine as an environmentally friendly device is not mere talk but has been proven and applied widely in modern industries. To find the right dry ice blaster for yourself, or your company, you can contact Specco2 to get specialized advice and a detailed pricing list for your need.

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