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The best solution to maintain production line

maintain production line by dry ice

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After working for a period of time, you might have many difficulties in operation production line smoothly. If the production line is not maintained in time, these important equipment can face many errors, leading to severe damage.

Therefore, Specco2 provides a solution to maintain production line using a dry ice blaster, one of the latest methods of maintaining and cleaning machinery and equipment. The machine is superior to other maintenance methods and Specco2 recommends its use by businesses producing on assembly lines.

What is production line ?

A factory line is a series of activities in the factory, pre-programmed by engineers with fixed input materials and output products.

The maintenance process of the production line is to maintain, periodically check and clean production machines and equipment after a long period of operation.

An example of production line
An example of production line

Benefits from maintaining production line

After maintaining the production line, we can obviously recognize those benefits below:

The production line can be operated smoothly

After some periods of operation, the machine may encounter a breakdown condition.

The operator should check and clean the machine so that it can work smoothly again.

The high quality of output products

When a product does not meet the quality standards of customers or partners, that company can lose credibility and build trust–and thus experience disruptions in production and revenue.

So that’s why after maintaining the production line, the quality of output products can be improved significantly, it helps you and your business a lot.

Save time and money for your business

For businesses that wish to keep their production lines running, regular maintenance can save time and money.  In the event of a problem with the machine, you will not need to waste time calling a mechanic to repair the machine.

Furthermore, with periodic maintenance production line, you can save on repair costs or the cost of equipping one or more new production equipment in case the old machine is severely damaged and is no longer able to repair.

In particular, with the dry ice blasting machine, you no longer need to worry about downtime because this device can be cleaned even while the machine is in operation.

Option for maintain production line

Currently, the maintenance of production lines is divided according to different plans, depending on the condition of the machine and the situation, the ability to operate as well as the work schedule.

Maintain production line periodic

Periodic maintenance is the kind of maintenance you have to do every so often to keep your business running smoothly. It’s based on the specs of your machines and equipment and the current state of your business.

Every company or business has its own maintenance department for these kinds of jobs.

Maintenance according to machine condition

The maintenance method is applied regularly, similar to the periodic maintenance.

This option is used when diagnosing the machine in the condition of predicting the damage of the machine.

Usually, this option is applied by companies that do not have a specialized department but have to rely on partner companies.

In terms of expertise, this is a highly effective option applied to machines that require safety, absolute accuracy, and continuous operation.

Maintaining after the production line is broken

This method is typically used when a machine is operated at full capacity, and then the machine must be shut down until it can be repaired.

This is the most expensive option for businesses because they pay for repairs and labor, as well as the purchase of a new machine.

The biggest drawback to this approach is that it is only feasible for small companies that cannot afford to periodically maintain their machines.

Maintain production line by dry ice blaster

The dry ice blasting machine is the most modern and optimal cleaning and maintenance tool for your production line. The dry ice blasting technology is recommended by many experts. More specifically, dry ice is not abrasive your production line and is completely environmentally friendly

Before using, ensure that you understand how to set up the dry ice blaster and know exactly how to store dry ice safely. When you buy your dry ice blasting machine from Specco2, we will offer advice on the best way to use insulated container to store dry ice and any other tips to help you use dry ice blaster more effectively.

Read more: What is insulated container ?

maintain the production line by dry ice
maintain the production line by dry ice

Benefits when using dry ice blaster to maintain production line

When using dry ice blaster, you will notice some great benefits below:

  • Absolute cleaning: With technology using dry ice at high pressure, this machine can clean and maximize the surface of the device, including stubborn stains that seem impossible to clean.
  • Do not need to use cleaning chemicals: The dry ice cleaning technique completely uses dry ice as the main raw material for cleaning, and dry ice will sublimate immediately after cleaning. You will not need to use any cleaning chemicals in the cleaning process.
  • It doesn’t cause any damage to the surface of the production lines and machines: at the molecular size, dry ice can clean the maximum surface of the device without damaging it, even when cleaning sensitive devices such as electrical boards. After all, the dry ice blasting machine still shows excellent cleaning ability.
  • Environmentally friendly: is dry ice blasting machine is environmentally friendly ? The answer is yes. Because this technology does not leave any secondary waste. Besides, due to the use of dry ice (made from recycled carbon dyoxide), this device does not emit any CO2 into the air.

Some models of dry ice blaster to maintain production line

SPECCo2 Aero2 PCS 60

Aero2 PCS 60 is a dry ice blaster product of the SPECCo2 Aero2 Series line of SPECCo2. This machine is designed with high autonomy in mind as well as the diversification of dry ice size customizations for your needs.

Besides the size of dry ice particles, users can also customize other parameters such as pressure when dry ice is fired, feed speed, …

Not only that with the development of modern technology, users can use  7” LCD Screen for control the machine.

Aero2 PCS 60 Dry ice blaster
Aero2 PCS 60 Dry ice blaster

SPECCo2 Aero2 PLT 60

Aero 2 PLT 60 is a dry ice blasting that also belongs to the Aero2 Series like the one above, the biggest difference is that with the Aero2 PLT 60, you can adjust the pressure up to 250 PSI (17.2 bar).

In addition, the Aero2 PLT 60 also provides users with a 7” LCD screen, intuitively displaying user-customizable parameters.

Aero2 PLT 60 Dry ice blaster
Aero2 PLT 60 Dry ice blaster

SPECCo2 SDI Select 60

SDI Select 60 is a dry ice machine product of the SPECCo2 MicroParticle Series. The biggest advantage of this machine is that it is designed in a simple way, easy to use for those who are using the dry ice blasting machine for the first time.

Users can adjust the pressure at 20 to 250 PSI, to suit every need, from gentle cleaning to vigorous cleaning.

In addition, another advantage that cannot be ignored is the ability to save compressed air and reduce noise. Therefore, users can save quite a lot of costs when using SDI Select 60.

SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster
SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster


To properly maintain the production line, you should consider using dry ice blasting machine as your main cleaning tool for periodic maintenance. This is considered the absolute solution for cleaning machinery and equipment. Not only that, the dry ice machine is also used for removing old wall paint.

Specco2 is proud to be SPECCo2’s partner in providing dry ice machines and dry ice production equipment in Vietnam. In case you need to find out how dry ice blaster can help you, Specco2 team is ready to support you 24/7 to give you the best answer for your problem.

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