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Best way to maintain the weaver machine

maintain weaver machine

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In factories, garment factories, maintain weaver machine is an important job, contributing to making products to consumers with the best quality.

With the number of weaving machines that need to be maintained up to dozens, the maintenance of each machine in the traditional way will take a lot of time for the business.

Thereby, Specco2 introduces a solution to maintain weaver machines by dry ice blaster, helping you save more money and time.

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What is the maintenance of weaver machine

Maintenance of weaver machine machines is the care, repair of this machine after a period of use. For example, in the spunbond system, a polyester-based woven screen belt is used to settle the yarn. During the start-up of the mill as well as during production, it is inevitable that the silk threads will break and stick in the form of drops on the belt.

While in the process of maintenance and downtime, these polymeric droplets must be removed from the screen belt so as not to permanently degrade the quality of the nonwoven. Regular maintenance of the weaver machine will help prevent it from sudden shutdowns or improper operation, resulting in unsatisfactory output.

maintain weaver machine with dry ice blaster
Maintain weaver machine with dry ice blaster

Benefits when you maintain weaver machine right

  • Saving repair costs: Maintaining the weaver machine at the right time will help you and your company save on machine repair costs. The repair will require you to spend more, which can cause a budget deficit.
  • Product Quality Assurance: When the weaver machine is maintained regularly, the quality of the final product is guaranteed.
  • Stable operation of the machine: This will help the industrial weaver machine to be maintained and operate stably, ensuring labor productivity.
  • Reducing possible risks to the weaver machine: With regular maintenance, the weaver machine is less prone to breakdowns

The process of weaver machine maintenance

  • Disconnect the power supply to carry out cleaning
  • Use the dry ice blasting machine to blow away the surface of the machine and sensitive internals such as the inside of the electronic box, the clutch head of the weaver machine or other hidden locations.
  • Remove all the old oil and replace with new oil, apply oil to the oil seal points and the moving joints of the weaver machine.
  • Conduct a test run to check the stability of the oil pumped locations.
  • Replace damaged parts that are no longer usable.

At the present, lots of people use tools, such as brushes and Scotch-Brite scrubbing pads to clean the weaver machine. The polymer from the weaver machine is placed in a soft state by hot air and removed with special pliers. Despite the carefulness, damage to the watch’s strap construction can still occur. Usually, the belt screen, which can be up to 5.40 m wide, are removed, which increases the risk of further damage and contamination.

Maintain the weaver machine with dry ice blaster

By using the dry ice blasting machine, we can maintain the industrial textile machine efficiently. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid form, mainly used for industrial machinery cleaning purposes. They are made by liquefying CO2 and pumping and a storage tank. Here, CO2 is solidified at -109 degrees F and turned into a solid. Dry ice comes in many types, shapes, and sizes. However, two types that are commonly used widely include dry ice pellets and blocks. In addition to their cleaning properties, they can also be used to preserve pharmaceuticals and foods.

The method of maintaining equipment with a dry ice blaster is a new solution but the result are extremely good. The surfaces of industrial textile machines will be cleaned optimally and most efficiently and without damage in the slightest. To setup dry ice cleaning is extremely simple, you only need to do two steps:

  • Put 2-3 bowls of dry ice into the dry ice cleaner and blow on the parts that need cleaning, including hard-to-reach places.
  • Soft dry ice is accelerated by compressed air through specially designed nozzles with supersonic speed and collides with the equipment surface, dislodging stubborn plaque and dirt on the engine surface.

Benefits when maintaining weaver machine with dry ice blaster

Do not leave secondary waste

Usually when cleaning with water, chemicals, sand… these cleaning processes will leave secondary waste and dirt to be cleaned on the floor, around the loom. Sometimes the secondary waste disposal process after cleaning is more complicated than the cleaning process.

With the dry ice cleaning technology, the dry ice sublimes immediately on impact and pushes the dirt off the surface to be cleaned. Therefore, no secondary waste will be created between dirt, grease and oil. The process of maintenance will become a lot easier.

Cleaning effectively with environmentally friendly

In addition to being clean and safe, the dry ice blasting technique is an environmentally friendly solution because the resulting dry ice is a by-product of other industrial processes – i.e. made from recycled CO₂. This keeps the dry ice from producing CO₂ or adding CO₂ to the atmosphere and causing no greenhouse effect.

Besides, dry ice is also an EPA, USDA and FDA approved material. as it is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and is allowed to be used with food & beverage.

No damage to the surface of the machine

Dry ice is a very soft medium and can clean most surfaces without damaging them. It is between 1.5 – 2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Dry ice can clean sensitive surfaces, such as electronics parts, etc.

This prolongs the life of the loom and reduces the risk of machine damage during cleaning. The usẻ can control the dry ice pellets fired by varying the dry ice particle size and velocity of the dry ice when in use.

Smaller particles, combined with a lower acceleration equates to gentler cleaning, making it suitable for textile machines with many small and intricate details.

Easy to use, save time and money

Dry ice cleaning does not use aqueous solutions or chemicals and does not generate any secondary waste, allowing on-site cleaning of tools and equipment without the need for time-consuming disassembly and reassembly.

Thus, after cleaning, the weaver machine can be put into operation immediately.

No need to clean again after using dry ice blaster

With the dry ice method, you only need to clean the surface of the industrial weaver machine and do not need to take additional steps after cleaning.

Dry ice blaster that can be used for maintaining weaver machine

I3 MicroClean 2

SPECCo2 I3 MicroClean 2 is an upgraded successor from its predecessor – the I3 MicroClean with the following benefits:

  • Uses dry ice cubes or ice cubes and can operate at speeds as low as 12 cfm (0.3 m³/min) at variable air pressures from 20 to 145 psi (1.4 – 10 bar) .
  • The i³ MicroClean 2 offers an intuitive display with a 7-inch LCD screen and digital controls.
  • Super efficient: i3 MicroClean 2 is designed to reduce overall consumptive usage by more than 25% compared to i3 MicroClean.
  • Using less air pressure, it also produces less noise.
  • IoT Capabilities: Remote Monitoring with SPECCo2 CONNECT.
  • Absolute cleaning ability: Deep clean on all-terrain surfaces.

I3 Microclean 2
I3 Microclean 2

I3 MicroClean

SPECCo2 i³ MicroClean is a compact, lightweight, single-hose low pressure, electric blasting system that utilizes dry ice block with low flow rates of 12 cfm and blocks of ice at variable air pressures from 20 to 140 psi (1.4 to 9.7 bar).

I3 MicroClean’s advantage

  • Efficient Efficiently uses dry ice providing as much as 45 minutes of cleaning before reloading.
  • Designed for Precision Applications Safely clean delicate surfaces and complex cavities.
  • Flexibility Adjustable blast pressure allows for flexibility in order to optimize performance.
  • Low Noise Operation The MicroClean requires less air pressure to operate effectively, resulting in a quieter operation.

I3 MicroClean’s features:

  • Efficiently uses dry ice providing as much as 45 minutes of cleaning before reloading
  • Single-hose, patented feeder design for maximum blasting aggression
  • Uses 5″ x 5″ x 10″ (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 25.4 cm) or 6″ x 6″ x 12″ (15 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm) block dry ice
  • Adjustable blast pressure allows for flexibility in order to optimize performance
  • Internal blast air filter (20 Micron) minimizes the effects of contaminated air
  • Ergonomic lighted applicator
  • Durable Urebrade, or flexible silicone, hoses available
  • Integrated static bonding cable (much more effective than standard grounding cables)
  • Durable transport/mobility cart

SPECCo2 i3 microclean
I3 Microclean dry ice blaster

SDI Select 60

SPECCo2’s SDI Select 60 is designed to be a simplistic, user-friendly, and versatile dry ice blaster. With the ability to shave any dry ice media input through the patented feeder technology, the SDI Select 60 opens new cleaning opportunities for users who experience limited dry ice availability.

The SDI Select 60 can use any Aero blasting machine nozzle or accessory to suit your application’s need, and can be as gentle or aggressive as necessary – with blasting pressures ranging from 20 to 250 PSI – covering a wide range of applications in a single machine.

SPECCo2’s patented feeder technology creates shaved dry ice on demand, regardless of input. Simply switch to full pellet cleaning to penetrate the most difficult, thick contaminants.

SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster
SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster


It can be seen that the maintenance of weaver machines is a very important job and needs proper investment from businesses. In addition, a tool that can make the maintenance of the weaver machine more convenient is the dry ice blasting machine. With maximum and fast cleaning, you should consider investing in this equipment.

If you need any questions about dry ice blaster, Specco2 is ready to support 24/7.

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