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Case Study: Paint Removal with Dry Ice Blasting

removing paint dry ice

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Dry Ice Blasting is a technical method that uses a dry ice blasting machine and dry ice to remove unwanted rust and dirt on the surface of machinery and equipment. Not only that, dry ice blasting is also used to clean the old wall paint so that engineers can use a new layer of paint for buildings and houses. So how can paint removal with dry ice blasting applied?

Status of the construction

In this article, Specco2 would like to introduce a practical project where dry ice blasting method was applied. This is a project that used dry ice blasting to remove old paint from the Benterud primary school in Lorenskog, Norway.

This is a project that used this method to remove old paint from the Benterud primary school in Lorenskog, Norway. Benterud Primary School was built in 1999 and has been repainted twice in the previous years. At this time, the school is in need of new paint because the previous layers have begun to crack and peel.

Typically, a good coat of paint will last for about 10 years. Unfortunately, the surface polish on the tile does not allow the paint to adhere to the surface of the wall.

According to the information of the unit in charge of construction, the difficulties that they had to face.

  • The tile is covered with a layer of polish
  • When changing the paint, the previous workers did not remove the old paint but applied the new paint directly to the wall

The problem they had to face

After reviewing the work required, the school considered a variety of solutions to remove paint, polish, and other loose materials from walls, including water, chemicals, and sandblasting. Due to environmental concerns about the water and the potential for chemicals to settle into the city’s sewers, the use of high-pressure water and chemicals was ruled out.

Besides, the sandblasting technique also has its own challenges. This process is messy, removes too much surface, requires containment, and secondary sand deposits must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Therefore, the construction unit has suggested that schools use the dry ice blasting technique

Compare the dry ice blasting technique with other methods

  • High-pressure chemicals and water – 6,532 Euros ($9,186) plus 6,375 Euros ($8,965) plus manual cleaning.
  • Sandblasting – 6,562 Euros ($9,228) plus cleaning and descaling for 5,100 Euros ($7,172 USD)
  • Dry Ice Blasting Technique – 17,500 Euro ($24,612) including two workers, a compressor, a working elevator, two systems of dry ice machines, and 5,200 kg of dry ice
  • The total area to be cleaned is 170 square meters

We explained to the school that with dry ice cleaning, we can remove the paint, the surface polish and any loose surface area underneath. We would not have to do every wall by hand, and the process would not damage the walls. Dry ice cleaning is also the safest solution for workers and the kindergarten kids and the most environmentally responsible solution because there is no secondary waste. In addition to these benefits, we also explained that the school would not have to paint for at least another 10-15 years.

Finn Arne Andresen, founder of Andresen & Far AS.

After explaining, the school accepted the solution of using dry ice blasting technique to remove the old paint


As mentioned above, the dry ice blasting technique uses recycled CO2 in the form of dry ice to remove dirt and contamination from the cleaned surface. Dry ice is accelerated using pressurized air flows, and upon impact with the cleaned surface sublimate, removing dirt and removing any secondary waste. It is a non-abrasive, non-flammable, and water-free cleaning method for a wide variety of cleaning applications.

The construction unit has decided to choose SPECCo2 products to carry out the project because the criteria this unit chooses for cleaning equipment is both durable and effective.

We have used spray painters that constantly clog, and when they are down, we are losing money. SPECCo2’s performance during our evaluation left us with the impression that it had the best dry ice blasters. If we didn’t know it then, we quickly found out during the school project that we had made the right decision.

Finn Arne Andresen, founder of Andresen & Far AS.

During the construction period, the weather was not really favorable. With limited time, the construction unit was forced to work in the pouring rain.

However, even in the rain, SPECCo2’s dry ice cleaning system still works impressively without any problems.


After the paint, polish and unnecessary materials were removed, a bricklayer was brought in to re-pave the walls. After the wall was dry, the construction unit applied a new layer of paint. Upon completion, the school was very pleased with the results. As a result, the contractor was contracted to complete an additional 400 square meters (4,300 square feet) of the school using dry ice blasting technique.

Benefit of paint removal with dry ice blasting

After the project is successful, the benefits of dry ice blasting can be used when removing paint is:

  • Absolute cleaning
  • No damage to the surface to be cleaned
  • Can be used even in unfavorable weather
  • Environmentally friendly because no secondary waste is left
  • Save time and resources for users
  • Save safest solution for workers and the kids


It can be seen that the dry ice blasting technique can be applied to effectively remove paint. With the efficiency and benefits that this method brings, it is worth considering for construction units to apply to their projects. In the case of looking for a reputable dry ice blasting machine supplier in Vietnam, you can consider choosing Specco2. Specco2 is the exclusive distributor of SPECCo2 brand dry ice machines in Vietnam.



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