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Cold Jet Dry ice Pelletizer is superior system that reliably and consistently produce, meter, and package high quality dry ice. Cold Jet is the global leader in Dry Ice Pelletizer & Production, providing innovative solutions that save companies time, money, and resources. We offer the most advanced dry ice pelletizer & manufacturing systems with superior end-product quality, coupled with 24/7 production capability and customer support.

Our Dry Ice Pelletizer & Production from Specco2

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Cold Jet nozzles feature MERN Technology used by NASA

MERN: a technology used in similar form in the aviation industry to achieve optimum energy efficiency with maximum performance enhancement


- 1 Nozzle for different application
- Quality Design
- Easy handling
- Environmentally responsible
- Improved quality of products
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Ice Tech Dry Ice Pelletizer by ColdJet

Superior systems that reliably and consistentlyproduce, meter and package high quality dry ice Cold Jet is the global leader in dry ice production equipment & machines, providing innovative solutions that save companiestime, money and resources.

ColdJet for 24/7 production

Continuous Operation Line. Designed for 24/7 dry ice production capability.

Dry Ice Pelletizer & Production FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Ice Pelletizer

In order to create dry ice, CO2 gas is pressurized and cooled to form liquid CO2 (LCO2) and is then injected into a pelletizer, or dry ice production unit. Within the pelletizer, the pressurized LCO2 is released to atmospheric pressure, which causes it to solidify into a snow-like consistency. This is then compressed into pellets, blocks, or slabs.


Dry Ice Pelletizer that Specco2 distributes exclusively in Vietnam is designed to be easy to use without having to spend time tinkering (fully automated, one-button operation, Quick startup..)

In Vietnam market, Specco2 is proud to be the official partner to supply Dry Ice Pelletizer of Cold jet- The global leader in dry ice production solutions & technology. Some product lines distributed by Specco2 are:

  • PR120H
  • PR750H
  • P3000
  • SL1000H
  • R1000H

In the right situation, making your own dry ice can save you a lot of time and money. Producing your own dry ice can give you greater control over your production, processing, and cold chain management systems, while also reducing waste and cutting operational costs.

Dry ice is widely used in industries:

  • Airline Catering
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Food Home Delivery
  • Production for Dry Ice Blasting
  • Packaging
  • Producing Dry Ice for Resale
  • Dry Ice for Medical Shipment & Pharmaceutical Application

In addition to the above types of Dry Ice Pelletizer, Specco2 also provides the machine’s accessories. Customers will not have to spend too much time looking for other replacement parts.

Cold jet Dry Ice Pelletizer provide Subcooling technology that minimizes CO2 waste, Compact footprint and Stainless steel enclosure reduces noise level below 75db(A)

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How does it clean?

Dry ice cleaning uses solid CO, a non-abrasive media that won't damage surfaces or equipment. The super cooled dry ice pellets or particles are accelerated at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, resulting in the surface being cleaned, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate.

How it works...

Instead of abrasive media to grind surfaces (and damage them), Cold Jet uses dry ice (Solid CO2) accelerated at supersonic speeds that sublimate upon impact and lift contaminants from substrates.

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 Can dry ice be used to clean electrical components

 Can dry ice be used to clean electrical components

The  dry ice blasting machine is used to clean the surface of many production equipment, especially the stains on the surface of the injection mold in the manufacturing industries. In addition, the dry ice machine is also used for maintenance and general cleaning of factories and workshops. With such a powerful cleaning ability, can the […]

How to safely clean delicate electronics with dry ice?

How to safely clean delicate electronics with dry ice?

As mentioned before, besides being used to clean molds in industries, dry ice machines are also used to clean and sanitize electronic devices such as electronic boards, In this article, Specco2 will guide you to clean electronic equipment safely with a dry ice blasting machine When will you need to clean electric equipment After a […]

Soda blasting vs Dry ice blasting

Soda blasting vs Dry ice blasting

When it comes to surface cleaning or surface preparation, there are many methods available. Dry ice blasting and soda cleaning are two of the most popular methods chosen by many businesses. However, choosing the most optimal method is not easy. In this article, Specco2 will introduce you to the comparison between the dry ice machine […]

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We've been able to cut back on our use of chemical solvents. We use about 25% of what we used to, which makes us a much more environmentally responsible company

Matt Schrift Engineer Robotworx

It's better for the people and for the environment. This technology has shaved time and allowed us to reduce our use of chemicals.

Bob Hawkey Vers-Trim

Using dry ice cleaning reduces harmful air emission and generally creates no addition to the volume of the cleaning process waste stream...in-process machinery can be cleaned on-line, resulting in decreased labor cost and less down-time.

EPA 905-F-00-026 EPA technical fact sheet for TCA hazard and alternatives

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