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Removes dirt build-up in electronics and circuit boards easily

The dry ice cleaning technique plays an important role in cleaning equipment and electronic circuit boards. Whether you're cleaning medium-sized electronics in factories or large out of high voltage pylons, dry ice can ensure that your equipment stays untouched. This method will prolong the life of your electronic device.

Dry Ice Cleaning for Electronic Components

The machine uses the main material of CO2 dry ice, which is converted from gas to solid form and is a soft material as it is only in the range of 1.5 – 2 on the Mohs hardness scale. Therefore, dry ice is often used for industrial cleaning purposes with many different shapes and sizes.

For factories and plants that need to clean electrical panels, circuits or small hard-to-reach crevices, the dry ice blasting machine can provide optimal cleaning with a variety of nozzles that come with different sizes as well as different rotation angles. together. Removing stains, leaving no secondary waste and can be done while the device is still in use.

You will not need to spend time disconnecting the power or suspending production to clean every small, hard-to-reach crevices of electrical devices. Now, you can directly clean even when they are in operation or used. This minimizes machine downtime, increases production efficiency and helps businesses gain more profits.

Dry ice cleaning equipment can remove soot and other contaminants from any electronic components without damaging the surface.

With a dry ice blasting machine, you can rest assured that your equipment can be cleaned to the maximum thanks to scientifically advanced technology. Save up to 75% cleaning time compared to conventional methods, allowing operators to start using the machine while it’s still running and minimizing downtime.

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How does dry ice clean?

Dry ice cleaning uses solid CO, a non-abrasive media that won't damage surfaces or equipment. The super cooled dry ice pellets or particles are accelerated at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, resulting in the surface being cleaned, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate.

How dry ice works...

Instead of abrasive media to grind surfaces (and damage them), Cold Jet uses dry ice (Solid CO2) accelerated at supersonic speeds that sublimate upon impact and lift contaminants from substrates.

New Technology. Proven Design

True Value of Dry Ice Cleaning.

Dry ice cleaning can be accomplished quickly and does not require changing any components or adding liquids or solvents to the machine during use. This reduces both costs associated with labor and time spent maintaining equipment compared to other methods such as liquid nitrogen blasting or brushing products onto rubber molds in order to remove debris from them.

The Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning For Electronic Components

Here's why dry ice cleaning equipment is so effective:

  • Cost savings

    The dry ice cleaning method does not use water, detergents or chemical additives. The cost savings of this method make it a great investment for any die-casting manufacturer.

  • Reduce labor and downtime

    Dry ice blasting is fast, efficient, and requires little maintenance to keep it running smoothly all day or night (depending on your needs).

  • No secondary waste

    For cleaning, the dry ice blasting machine uses recycled CO2 as a by-product that is converted into its ice form. Upon impact with the surface that needs cleaning at supersonic speed, dry ice sublimates and changes from solid-state to gaseous then vaporizes.. This makes cleaning extremely easy and pristine, leaving no secondary waste and a completely dry, moisture-free cleaning environment.

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Cold Jet nozzles feature MERN Technology used by NASA

MERN: a technology used in similar form in the aviation industry to achieve optimum energy efficiency with maximum performance enhancement


- 1 Nozzle for different application
- Quality Design
- Easy handling
- Environmentally responsible
- Improved quality of products

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Dry Ice Production Equipment. Superior systems that reliably and consistently produce, meter and package high quality dry ice Cold Jet is the global leader in dry ice production equipment & machines, providing innovative solutions that save companies time, money and resources.
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Discover the benefits of dry ice production equipment. Cold Jet's superior systems are designed to produce, meter and package high quality dry ice in reliable, profitable systems. We offer innovative solutions that save companies time, money and resources, all while producing a highly valued end product.

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Dry Ice Blasting & cleaning machine. The most reliable, durable and advanced dry ice blasting & cleaning machines in the world Cold Jet machines are designed utilizing our best-in- class, proprietary technology that provides the lowest cost of ownership and the quickest return on investment.

Containers for Cold Chain Logistics

The talented insulated container Olivo. Because it keeps your products at the right temperature during transport, the OLIVO insulated container has been adopted by logistics operators in numerous fields: supermarkets, food distribution, mass catering, health and biomedical products, dry ice totes, and many others.

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