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Mold Cleaning, Our Recommended Equipments

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A mold manufacture process is long and complex. When choosing cleaning equipment for molds, you need to consider these questions: What kind of mold cleaning equipment should I use? How much power does my specific model require? How do I maintain a clean environment? These are some important questions you need to answer before purchasing or renting a cleaning machine. And that’s why dry ice cleaning machines are the best choice for your molds compared with other cleaning solutions.

What is dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is the most effective way to clean mold. The process uses dry ice pellets, which are frozen carbon dioxide, to kill off the mold spores and remove them. This method differs from steam cleaning because it does not heat up or damage the surface of the mold.

Rubber Mold Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

The i3 MicroClean®

In the dry ice cleaning process of rubber molds, we recommend the i3 MicroClean® dry ice cleaning system. This is a self-contained unit that incorporates computer control, monitoring and alarming functions. The cooling principle works on the principle of applying a vacuum to suck out moisture from within the mold cavity. In addition to removing any oil contamination as well as casting resin residue, it also removes moisture from within the mold cavity which prevents mold corrosion and rusting inside your molds.

SPECCo2 i3 microclean
I3 Microclean dry ice blaster

The i3 MicroClean® will give you a clean surface finish on all areas of your rubber molds including:

  • Casting cavities
  • Pinholes (if any)
  • Seams between halves (if any)

Plastic Mold Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

The i3 MicroClean® 2

Dry ice cleaning for plastic molds is a more advanced method. The i3 MicroClean® 2 system is the best dry ice cleaning machine available on the market today. It uses controlled thermal shock when cleaning plastic parts, which means that it’s able to deliver just enough heat to loosen up dirt and contaminants without cracking or damaging your mold.

I3 Microclean 2
I3 Microclean 2

The i³ MicroClean 2 is a revolutionary new product that boosts performance and reduces overall consumable usage by more than 25% over its predecessor the i3 MicroClean®. This system uses a single, easy-to-install cartridge to deliver resolutions up to 600 DPI and speeds of 3,600 ips (80 m/sec)

Tire Mold Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

The SDI Select™ 60

As a leader in the dry ice cleaning industry, SDI Select™ 60 is the right choice for your tire mold dry ice cleaning needs. The equipment is able to perform many functions that other dry ice machines cannot perform. It easily portable, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster
SDI Select 60 Dry ice blaster


In brief, dry ice cleaning is the kind of blasting method that makes the best use of CO2 to dry and clean molds. Considering its many advantages over the competing wet methods, it is highly recommended to use dry ice cleaning machines in mold removal with no risk of equipment damage.

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