Small dry ice blaster for your business

BL25 mini dry ice blaster

When choosing a dry ice blasting machine to clean mold, parts, or equipment. You might want to look for a small dry ice blaster, not too heavy like conventional dry ice blasting machines. So how different are the small dry ice blasting machines compared to the heavy ones? Besides, is it difficult to find a […]

How to make dry ice last longer

To preserve dry ice and keep dry ice longer, there will be many ways applied by businesses. Ways to keep dry ice for longer include: using a suitable insulated container, producing more dry ice than you actually need , cover the dry ice with newspaper, and limit the time it takes to transport dry ice. […]

Dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste

Dry ice cleaning machine is chosen in the cleaning of industrial equipment, especially in the field of manufacturing plastic equipment and composite materials because of its outstanding advantages. One of the most obvious advantages of the dry ice blasting machine is that this device does not leave any secondary waste, which leads to ensuring the […]

Dry Ice Cleaning is Non-abrasive; no damage to product or equipment

Dry ice blasting machine is an optimal industrial cleaning equipment, often used in heavy manufacturing industries. For the production of products from plastics and composites, the dry ice machine does not cause damage to the production equipment or to the final product. Find out with Specco2 why the dry ice blasting machines take no damage […]

Dry Ice Cleaning can reduce scrap for your plastic and composite molds

It is unavoidable that scrap will arise after each product is manufactured when employing plastic molds and composites. It is critical that the product be maintained clean when it is sent to merchants. Dry ice blasting machines are essential tools for decreasing crap in the plastics and composites industries. How does a dry ice blasting […]

Dry ice cleaning Reduces Cleaning Time And Labor Costs

When it comes to the benefits of dry ice machines in the plastics and composites industry, saving businesses time and labor costs is always at the top of the list. cleaning industrial  In this post, we’ll look at how dry ice blasting machines may help businesses save cleaning time and  labor cost What is a […]

Dry Ice Cleaning Reduces Production Downtime

It is critical in the plastics and composites manufacturing business to decommission the machinery of an entire production process so that workers may completely clean the machines. Inadvertently, this will typically stagnate the factory’s work productivity, decreasing the business’s income. As a result, dry ice blasting machines are regarded as the ideal industrial cleaning equipment for […]

Dry Ice Cleaning Improves Product Quality

In the article about the benefits of a dry ice machine for cleaning plastic molds and composites, we have a good understanding of the cleaning principles of dry ice as well as how the dry ice machine works. This article will help you better understand how the dry ice machine helps to improve the product […]

Plastic & Composites Cleaning, Our Recommended Equipment.

For plastic and composites cleaning effectively, dry ice blasting machine is used as the ultimate equipment for this job. So what are some dry ice blasting machines that are suitable for plastic and composites cleaning, let’s together with Specco2 to find out what is the best equipment for cleaning plastic and composites.  What is dry […]

How to Deburring with dry ice ?

In the process of manufacturing and manufacturing plastic products, we will always observe excess fringes surrounding the finished product, which are called swarf. The rest for us to get the complete final product is to remove and process those swarf, which is called deburred and deflashing. In fact, deburring and deflasing with CO2 dry ice […]