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Olivo insulated box for restaurant’s food and beverage delivery!

In order to ensure food and beverage delivery goes smoothly without any damage, choosing the right material for containing purpose always needs to be carefully considered as this will help businesses and restaurants preserve goods at the best quality until they reach the customers. With Olivo’s insulated box, keeping food at the best situation won’t […]

Case study: Olivo insulated box for food delivery

  For the Food and Beverage industry, cold chain logistics plays a significant role in maintaining the product’s quality and freshness until it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Normally foam boxes are mainly used for this application nowadays but it cannot guarantee the quality and freshness of the product to be maintained for a […]

 Can dry ice be used to clean electrical components

can dry ice clean electric components

The  dry ice blasting machine is used to clean the surface of many production equipment, especially the stains on the surface of the injection mold in the manufacturing industries. In addition, the dry ice machine is also used for maintenance and general cleaning of factories and workshops. With such a powerful cleaning ability, can the […]

How to safely clean delicate electronics with dry ice?

how to clean electronics components with dry ice

As mentioned before, besides being used to clean molds in industries, dry ice machines are also used to clean and sanitize electronic devices such as electronic boards, In this article, Specco2 will guide you to clean electronic equipment safely with a dry ice blasting machine When will you need to clean electric equipment After a […]

Soda blasting vs Dry ice blasting

soda blasting vs dry ice blasting

When it comes to surface cleaning or surface preparation, there are many methods available. Dry ice blasting and soda cleaning are two of the most popular methods chosen by many businesses. However, choosing the most optimal method is not easy. In this article, Specco2 will introduce you to the comparison between the dry ice machine […]

Dustless Blasting vs Dry ice blasting

dustless blasting vs dry ice blasting

In the surface preparation service industry, commonly used machines on the market include dry ice blasters, sandblasters, and laser blasters. However, there is a device that has just been released that is a dust-free toilet. Let’s find out with Specco2 about this dust-free pressure cleaning device and the dry ice machine to know how different […]

How to operate dry ice blasting safely

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly and superior method of cleaning, often used for industrial plants, manufacturing, and even historical restoration. The setup is very simple and the machine itself is also very easy to use with only one or two operators needed. However, there are also a few safety requirements to keep in […]

Small dry ice blaster for your business

BL25 mini dry ice blaster

When choosing a dry ice blasting machine to clean mold, parts, or equipment. You might want to look for a small dry ice blaster, not too heavy like conventional dry ice blasting machines. So how different are the small dry ice blasting machines compared to the heavy ones? Besides, is it difficult to find a […]

How to make dry ice last longer

To preserve dry ice and keep dry ice longer, there will be many ways applied by businesses. Ways to keep dry ice for longer include: using a suitable insulated container, producing more dry ice than you actually need , cover the dry ice with newspaper, and limit the time it takes to transport dry ice. […]

Dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste

Dry ice cleaning machine is chosen in the cleaning of industrial equipment, especially in the field of manufacturing plastic equipment and composite materials because of its outstanding advantages. One of the most obvious advantages of the dry ice blasting machine is that this device does not leave any secondary waste, which leads to ensuring the […]

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