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Olivo insulated box for restaurant’s food and beverage delivery!


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In order to ensure food and beverage delivery goes smoothly without any damage, choosing the right material for containing purpose always needs to be carefully considered as this will help businesses and restaurants preserve goods at the best quality until they reach the customers. With Olivo’s insulated box, keeping food at the best situation won’t be a challenge anymore! Let’s find out more about these highly-recommended containing boxes that are used among all different industries thanks to their wonderful feature for keeping things nice and cool; especially in the food and beverage industry!

The problems with traditional foam boxes..

In our daily lives, it is not hard to catch sight of foam boxes. This is the most commonly used material for the purpose of insulating, packaging and containing food as well as beverage. Foam boxes are made primarily from EPS (polystyrene), CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon), micro air bubbles and plenty of air. Thanks to these features, foam box tend to be very lightweight with a high insulation capacity, great moisture resistance and dimensionally stable. They are relatively less expensive than other insulating products, very easy to stack onto delivery trucks. 

Along with its benefits, foam boxes also have their downsides. Firstly, the materials that made foam boxes, polystyrene and Chlorofluorocarbon, are toxic and hazardous. They are not only bad for human health but also add up to the crime of destroying the ozone and contributing greatly to global warming. Secondly, when exposed to sunlight for a long time and went through many phases of loading and unloading packaging, the outer layer of the foam box will gradually discolor, disintegrate and break into small pieces—resulting in an incomplete and unsightly appearance. Thirdly, foam boxes are often used for a minimal number of times. When containing food and beverage, like in the case of raw food like beef, pork and fish, the scent can last inside the foam box for a long time and the material in overall is very hard to clean. Not ony that, It is not also durable enough to protect items during shipping when it gets hit hard. Lastly, foam boxes can take a hefty toll on the environment. It is estimated that it will take up a few years to as much as 1 million for foam boxes to break down completely. Therefore foam boxes after being used often ended up in landfills, which adds to the pollution problem. 

Due to all the reasons above, businesses and restaurants have been searching for an alternative that can overcome the difficulties that foam box has. And so, Olivo insulated box was made!

Olivo insulated bins – The best solution for food and beverage delivery!

Olivo is the world’s leading brand of insulated containers located in France, they are highly chosen and trusted by businesses and customers thanks to their brilliant products, especially for preserving food and cold chain logistics. This wonderful material offers many benefits. Firstly, they are sustainable and eco-friendly. All of Olivo’s insulated boxes are made from easily recyclable EPP (Expanded polypropylene). In addition, each box will be provided with non-toxic eutectic plates, which can be used for an unlimited amount of time and is able to maintain the desired cold temperature for up to 24 hours. Secondly, Olivo’s insulation cabinets are very diverse in size and storage volume, which can meet up to the requirements of your business’s delivery demand. Moreover, Olivo box type can bear high force, a normal person with the weight about 70 kg can stand on the box without any harm for the Olivo insulated box In overall, the insulated bins are divided into 3 different types, namely: ROLL, BAC and BOX.

Thanks to its self-contained system, the Olivo Insulation Boxes do not need any external power to run and maintain temperature, so it is extremely flexible to use. Even if you encounter problems during transportation such as traffic jams, having to close and open the car door many times, etc., rest assured that the goods are completely thermally protected and there is no cold chain interruption. Thereby, minimizing operating and maintenance costs compared to using specialized refrigerated trucks.

An actual study case of Olivo’s Insulated Box used for food delivery

Now, many businesses and restaurant owners have chosen Olivo’s insulated box for food delivery, including our client – P’Ti Sai Gon Restaurant. One of the difficulties that this restaurant has to face is that they have to deliver 6 boxes of ice cream to outdoor parties many times per week. During the process of delivering, they have to make sure that the ice cream is at a controlled temperature so it won’t melt away and that they have to be kept cold for another couple of hours while being delivered here and there; despite the blazing hot weather in Ho Chi Minh. With Olivo’s insulated bins, all of these problems have been overcome with ease and the result has left our client very satisfied! This case is just one of applications that P’ti Saigon uses Olivo boxes. Besides, they also us Olivo boxes for outside catering for outside party, keeping food frozen in hot weather.

Some detailed information about the products that P’Ti Sai Gon Restaurant has used:

Olivo insulated box 34

  • Outer dim. in mm (L x D x H): 555 x 360 x 331 mm
  • Inner dim. in mm (L x D x H): 490 x 300 x 255 mm
  • Inner volume: 34 Liters
  • Unloaded weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Material: Expanded polypropylene

Olivo insulated box 64

  • Outer dim. in mm (L x D x H): 595 x 395 x 455 mm
  • Inner dim. in mm (L x D x H): 505 x 320 x 370 mm
  • Inner volume: 60 Liters
  • Unloaded weight: 2.1 Kg
  • Material: Expanded polypropylene

Eutectic plate top 64 (-12ºC)

  • Characteristic: Aqueous solution with a certain proportion of salt
  • Physical state: Liquid at ambient temperature
  • Length 364 mm; Width 170 mm; Height 20 mm
  • Unloaded weight: 1,0 Kg

In one of the actual study cases, there were 6 boxes of ice cream stored in one Olivo insulated bin at 0-5 degrees celsius along with one eutectic plate. The eutectic plate within the insulated box is frozen at -12°, ensuring a consistent temperature for 2-3 hours until the items have been delivered to the party venue; despite the ambient temperature can reach up to 35°C. In the case of parties or events that require transporting many boxes of ice cream or any food in larger quantities, businesses can choose Olivo insulated cabinets with larger storage capacity to meet the customer’s demand.

After using Olivo’s insulated box, our client has given the product a big round of applause since it has done a splendid job in maintaining a stable temperature for shipping food to outdoor parties despite the blazing hot weather that can reach more than 30 celsius degrees. In addition, the eutectic plates have played an essential role in preventing food from being affected by water compared to normal ice. The company also highlights the significance that Olivo products are very sustainable. They are biodegradable and can be reused up to 1000 times, an amazing number compared to styrofoam boxes which can merely be used only for a few times before they get dumped in landfills. Thus, Olivo insulated boxes are also certified to be safe for food as well as product users too!


Foam boxes can have a lot of benefits. They are lightweight, relatively less expensive than other insulated products, great in moisture resistance and dimensionally stable. However, they have a very negative impact on both our planet and our health when released into landfills and cause many health diseases when consumed. As the world is moving more onto doing what protects the Earth, using Olivo’s insulated box will not only benefit your business but also affirm a very positive reputation from the client’s perspective thanks to it being a very eco-friendly and sustainable product. 

With Olivo’s insulated box, food and beverage will be well-preserved under the desired temperature for up to 24 hours thanks to the eutectic plates. These box are designed to be very sturdy and well-built, making them easy to load on trucks and make the most out of the storage space. 

Want to know which Olivo’s insulated box suited your business demand? Contact Specco2’s team today for consultation!

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