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Enhancing Efficiency and Safety: Vivablast’s Experience with Olivo Insulated Boxes

Vivablast's Experience with Olivo Insulated Boxes

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Vivablast, a global industrial assets life solutions provider operating in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and neighboring countries, faced challenges in maintaining the necessary supply of dry ice during their cleaning and maintenance. To address this, they decided to use Olivo Insulated Boxes, specifically the Olivo BAC 600, to store dry ice. This case study will explore particularly how the adoption of Olivo Bac containers streamlined their operations, ensured the safety of their teams, and improved the overall project efficiency.


Vivablast’s operations often involve dry ice blasting and surface preparation in remote and challenging areas. The need for a reliable and efficient method of storing dry ice, a crucial component in their projects, was essential to ensure smooth and successful operations.


  1. Insufficient Dry Ice Supply: Vivablast normally implement cleaning projects in remote areas where don’t have suitable and quality dry ice supplier. In adequate supply of dry ice can be able to lead to delays and disruptions during projects. So They need to choose more safer solution, that is storing dry ice in suitable insulated containers.
  2. Safety Concerns: Choosing ice storage containers is critical due to sublimation and potential hazards posed by sublimation and pressure.


To overcome these challenges, Vivablast applied the use of Olivo BAC 600 Insulated Boxes for their dry ice storage needs.


  1. High-Performance Insulation: The Olivo BAC 600 Insulated Boxes feature advanced insulation technology, ensuring optimal temperature control and minimizing dry ice sublimation. The sublimation of dry ice can exceed 20% a day if it is kept in an unsuitable container, with Olivo Bac 600, sublimation can recude to 4% a day maximally.
  2. Reliable Storage Capacity: With a large storage capacity, The Olivo BAC 600 with inner volume about 420 Liters allows Vivablast to store an ample supply of dry ice, meeting their project requirements.
  3. Safety Features: The Olivo Insulated Boxes are designed to safely release pressure, mitigating any potential hazards associated with dry ice storage.


Improved Efficiency: The Olivo Bac products to storage dry ice allowed Vivablast to maintain a stable and sufficient supply of dry ice throughout their projects. This reduced downtime and enabled them to work more efficiently.

Enhanced Safety: The incorporation of Olivo BAC 600 contributed to a safer working environment, minimizing risks associated with dry ice handling.

Cost Savings: The reduced sublimation of dry ice in the Olivo Insulated Boxes resulted in cost savings for Vivablast, as they required less frequent refills.


By utilizing Olivo Bac containers, specifically the Olivo BAC 600, Vivablast significantly improved their dry ice storage and handling practices. This led to increased project efficiency, enhanced safety for their teams, and cost savings. The successful implementation of Olivo Insulated Boxes showcases how innovation and the adoption of specialized equipment can positively impact industrial processes, ensuring smoother and safer project execution for companies like Vivablast.

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