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PixieDrone – Mobile waste collector

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Introducing PixieDrone, the next-generation mobile waste collector that is set to transform waste management. Small in size, but powerful in its capabilities, PixieDrone is a futuristic solution designed to combat litter and pollution in even the most hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, PixieDrone autonomously navigates through urban landscapes, parks, and remote locations to collect trash and promote a cleaner, greener world. Join us in embracing this revolutionary waste-collecting companion and together, let's make a difference, one flight at a time with PixieDrone!


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PixieDrone - Mobile waste collector

PixieDrone is an innovative drone designed specifically for collecting floating waste. With the option to operate it remotely or in autonomous mode, PixieDrone provides an effective solution for quickly identifying and removing waste from collection areas. Equipped with state-of-the-art video camera and LIDAR technology, it can avoid obstacles with ease. With a large 160 liter collection capacity and up to 6 hours of operation in autonomous mode, PixieDrone provides a comprehensive solution for waste collection. Additionally, this product is fully compatible with salt water, fresh water and brackish water, making it a highly versatile tool for cleaning up water pollution. With the ability to monitor its activity via the user-friendly WebApp, PixieDrone is the ideal choice for anyone seeking professional assistance in waste management.

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We've been able to cut back on our use of chemical solvents. We use about 25% of what we used to, which makes us a much more environmentally responsible company

Matt Schrift Engineer Robotworx

It's better for the people and for the environment. This technology has shaved time and allowed us to reduce our use of chemicals.

Bob Hawkey Vers-Trim

Using dry ice cleaning reduces harmful air emission and generally creates no addition to the volume of the cleaning process waste stream...in-process machinery can be cleaned on-line, resulting in decreased labor cost and less down-time.

EPA 905-F-00-026 EPA technical fact sheet for TCA hazard and alternatives

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