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i3 MicroClean® 2

Soft on Surfaces - Tough on Contaminants

The i³ MicroClean 2 boosts performance and reduces overall consumable usage by more than 25% over its predecessor.

• Cold Jet’s i3 MicroClean 2 dry ice cleaning systems use dry ice blocks and 3 mm dry ice pellets.
• Air consumption data listed for all parts are approximate and no guarantee is expressed or implied.
• The operating pressure of a blasting machine may differ from the blasting pressure and may change as the machine is used.

• Consult Specco2 application engineers for technical questions.

Soft on Surfaces - Tough on Contaminants

i3 MicroClean® 2

  • The i³ MicroClean 2 boosts performance and reduces overall consumable usage by more than 25% over its predecessor.
  • Ultilizing dry ice block or pellets and can operate with as little as 12 cfm (0.3 m³ /min) at variable air pressures from 20 to 145 psi (1.4 – 10 bar).
  • The i³ MicroClean 2 provides an intuitive display with a 7” LCD screen and digital controls.
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Weight (11 kg)

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Full System Weight (86 kg)

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Max Blast Pressure (10 bar)

  • Super Efficient: The i3 MicroClean 2 is designed to decrease overall consumable usage by more than 25% over the i3 MicroClean.
  • Easy to Control: You can easily adjust, save, and access user-defined blasting parameters for greater efficiency thanks to the 7" LCD display.
  • Sound-friendly solution: The i3 MicroClean 2 is the MINIMUM CLEANER to get your stuff cleaned! Because it uses less air pressure, it also makes less noise.
  • IoT Capability: Monitoring remotely with Cold Jet CONNECT.
  • Absolutely Clean: Cleaning safely and completely cavities.
  • IoT-enabled system
  • Easily control remotely with 7″ LCD screen
  • Using Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for better control-experience
  • High Confidentiality
  • Equiped screen lock feature
  • LED indicator equipment
  • Internal blast air filter
  • Maximize Blasting Aggression
  • 3/8″ or 1/2″ blasting hose
  • Less consumables cleaning with airflow increasing
  • Dry ice purging automatically
  • Static bonding cable intergration

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i3 microclean 2

Led Bar

7 ″ LCD Display

Anti-Static Discharge Clamp

Stainless Steel Case

Storage Drawer

Applicator Holder

Insulated Storage

Introduction of The i3 Microclean® 2

Our Dry Ice Blaster from MicroParticle Products

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i3 MicroClean®

The i³ MicroClean is an innovative, lightweight, compact, single-hose low pressure, electric blasting system that utilizes dry ice block with as little as 12 cfm and blasts at variable air pressures from 20 to 140 psi (1.4 to 9.7 bar)

SDI Select™ 60

Cold Jet’s SDI Select 60 is designed to be a simplistic, user-friendly, and versatile dry ice blaster.

Cold Jet nozzles feature MERN Technology used by NASA

MERN: a technology used in similar form in the aviation industry to achieve optimum energy efficiency with maximum performance enhancement


- 1 Nozzle for different application
- Quality Design
- Easy handling
- Environmentally responsible
- Improved quality of products
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MicroParticle Dry ice blaster FAQ

Frequently asked questions about MicroParticle Dry ice blaster

MicroParticle Dry ice blaster is an industrial cleaning device that uses dry ice (solid form of CO2) to clean layers of dirt from the surface of industrial equipment and machinery. This small dry ice blaster can boots your business’s performance significantly.
Please read this article to know what is dry ice blaster.

The MicroParticle Dry ice blaster that Specco2 distributes exclusively in Vietnam is designed to be easy to use without having to spend time tinkering.

You just need to put the dry ice in the MicroParticle Dry ice blaster and adjust a few parameters according to your needs. Then start the machine to start using

In Vietnam market, Specco2 is proud to be the official partner to supply Dry Ice Blaster of Coldjet. Some product lines distributed by Specco2 are:

  • Aero® Series 40FP
  • Aero® Series 80FP

As mentioned above, MicroParticle Dry ice blaster is used to clean the surface of machinery and equipment as well as to clean molds and industrial plastic molds.

In addition, MicroParticle Dry ice blaster Blaster is also used to clean car engines as well as clean small parts of medical equipment. More specifically, some industries that the Blaster can be applied are:

It is best to keep your dry ice in good insulated container.

If you don’t know what is insulated container, please read the article we just mentioned

In addition to the above types of Dry Ice Blaster, Specco2 also provides the machine’s accessories. Customers will not have to spend too much time looking for other replacement parts.

The cleaning method with a MicroParticle Dry ice blaster is considered the most environmentally friendly cleaning technique for machinery and equipment today. Dry Ice is an approved material by the EPA, FDA and USDA and is the optimal choice over other cleaning methods.

Video about Cold Jet Dry ice blaster

The best dry ice blaster in the world

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How does it clean?

Dry ice cleaning uses solid CO, a non-abrasive media that won't damage surfaces or equipment. The super cooled dry ice pellets or particles are accelerated at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, resulting in the surface being cleaned, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate.

How it works...

Instead of abrasive media to grind surfaces (and damage them), Cold Jet uses dry ice (Solid CO2) accelerated at supersonic speeds that sublimate upon impact and lift contaminants from substrates.


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A varied line of applicators that are designed for comfort, safety and simplicity.


A wide and dynamic line of the industry’s most technologically advanced and efficient nozzles.


A complete range of flexible and durable air and blast hoses.

Additional Accessories

Enhance your cleaning experience with accessories that make blasting easier.

Industry Overview

By Applications

We've been able to cut back on our use of chemical solvents. We use about 25% of what we used to, which makes us a much more environmentally responsible company

Matt Schrift Engineer Robotworx

It's better for the people and for the environment. This technology has shaved time and allowed us to reduce our use of chemicals.

Bob Hawkey Vers-Trim

Using dry ice cleaning reduces harmful air emission and generally creates no addition to the volume of the cleaning process waste stream...in-process machinery can be cleaned on-line, resulting in decreased labor cost and less down-time.

EPA 905-F-00-026 EPA technical fact sheet for TCA hazard and alternatives

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