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LMD activities using EPP Containment and Eutectic plates

Máy rửa đá khô thân thiện với môi trường

About SPECCo2 A modern professional cleaning service provider based on the latest green cleaning technologies and techniques. Download PDF Business White Paper LMD activities using EPP Containment and Eutectic plates How does OLIVO LMD solutions answer to that challenge? By Boris VIVARES 1 About Us SPECCo2 was established in 2012 as the Exclusive Authorized Reseller […]

Cleans in place with Dry Ice; no disassembly required

When cleaning machinery or injection molds in the plastics and composites industry with a dry ice blasting machine, you will not have to disassemble the device. This helps the machines stay in production condition and maintain the highest level of productivity. Let’s find out with Specco2 why using a dry ice machine helps you not […]

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning on Surface Preparation For Plastic and Composites mold

Máy rửa đá khô thân thiện với môi trường

In the process of using plastic molds and composites to produce products, cleaning and surface preparation are considered one of important preparation steps. The dry ice blasting machine is considered one of the perfect equipment for cleaning and surface preparation for plastic and composites. Learn the benefits of using dry ice blaster cleaning technology with […]

Why we shouldn’t use styrofoam for storing food

styrofoam box is not good for environment

The styrofoam containers that we use in our daily life for food-containing are becoming disfavor due to their cautious and hazardous effects on our living environment. So what is the optimum alternative to this material? Together with the Specco2 team, let’s find out more about insulated containers and their wonderful benefits that have been getting […]

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