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Olivo insulated box application for last-mile delivery

Olivo insulated container environmentally friendly food preservation solution

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With the development of technology and logistics, everything is shoppable online now and the demand for efficient logistics and last-mile delivery has increased; especially when it comes to purchasing food and beverage. In this article, let’s learn more about the importance of Olivo insulated boxes in last-mile delivery as well as cold-chain logistics.

When it comes to delivering goods to consumers, transportation and logistics play a key role. Moreover, the need for temperature-controlled transportation for perishable goods has also become paramount. This has led to the emergence of cold-chain logistics, which ensures that products remain fresh and intact throughout the transportation process and come to customers in the best condition.

What are cold-chain logistics and last-mile delivery?

Cold-chain logistics refers to the process of transporting temperature-sensitive goods under controlled conditions from the manufacturer to the end consumer. The goal of cold-chain logistics is to maintain the quality and integrity of perishable goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The cold chain starts from the production facility, where the products are packaged and stored in a temperature-controlled environment. The products are then transported in refrigerated trucks, ships, or planes to their destination. Throughout the transportation process, the temperature is monitored and maintained to ensure that the products remain fresh and safe for consumption. Especially since the last outbreak of covid, the cold chain logistic market has seen significant growth in delivering food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Last-mile delivery refers to the final stage of the delivery process, where the products are transported from the local hub to the end consumer. This stage is critical as it determines the quality of the product when it reaches the consumer. The last-mile delivery process can be challenging, especially for perishable goods, as they require special handling and temperature control.

The key factor when it comes to cold-chain logistics and last-mile delivery

When it comes to cold-chain logistics and last-mile delivery, temperature control is the first priority in order to preserve the quality as well as the integrity of perishable goods such as vaccines, fresh food, etc. Any deviation from the required temperature range can compromise the integrity of these products, leading to spoilage, loss of efficacy, and even health hazards. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and maintain the temperature of these products stably throughout the supply chain to ensure their quality and safety.

One of the primary challenges of cold-chain logistics is maintaining the required temperature range during transportation. This is really difficult when transporting products over long distances or across different climatic regions and even to remote areas. Also, there are other factors worth paying attention to, such as traffic congestion, weather conditions, and delivery delays (for example: when cargo is stuck at the port and unable to enter the country) that can affect the temperature of the products drastically. Temperature-controlled packaging plays an essential role in cold-chain logistics as it provides a barrier against external temperature fluctuations. Insulated containers, refrigerated trucks, and cold rooms are examples of temperature-controlled packaging used in cold-chain logistics. These packaging solutions help to maintain the required temperature range during transportation, protecting the products from extreme temperatures. However, all of these conventional transport-containing methods require a power source or fuel to work properly, have limited capacity, can be costly and harmful to the environment. This is where Olivo insulated boxes come in handy and become of the most renovated method used for the transportation of perishable goods.

Olivo – The leading solution for cold-chain logistics and last-mile delivery

Olivo is the world’s leading brand of insulated boxes chosen and trusted thanks to their eco-friendly properties in each product, which is very long-lasting and can be used sustainably over time. Olivo’s product lines are made from easily recyclable EPP (Expanded polypropylene) and non-toxic eutectic plates, which are easy to use and thermally protect frozen food, vaccine, dry ice to stay cold for a long time. These factors are all important because not only do they protect the health of the carrier, but also reduce the temperature fluctuations of the above products significantly during the process of transporting.

Olivio insulation cabinets can all be reused and divided into 3 different types, in terms of configuration as well as storage volume, depending on the needs of the user:

  1. Roll: is a range of front-opening insulated containers equipped with a door, generally mounted on wheels, used for service catering and seafood storage. The product is ATP certified, which can maintain the temperature of the product for more than 24 hours and travel more than 80km while keeping the ideal cold temperature.
  2. Bac: is the name of the range of top-opening chest-type insulated boxes with hinged lids, most widely used to transport loose or packaged foodstuffs, chemicals or healthcare products. It is also specialized for the natural gas industry to store ice cubes or dry ice pellets, certified for ISTA shipping packaging testing and guaranteed ideal temperature for up to 16 hours.
  3. Box: is a range of reusable insulated boxes designed for use by logistics professionals delivering directly to the consumer, specialized for Last-mile delivery purposes and preservation needs up to 12 hours. Guarantee min 500 to max 1000 reuse without any problem.

Thanks to its self-contained system, the Olivo Insulation Boxes do not need any external power to run and maintain temperature, so it is extremely flexible to use. Even if you encounter problems during transportation such as traffic jams, having to close and open the car door many times, the container has to wait to be unloaded from the cargo ship, etc., rest assured that the goods are completely thermally protected and there is no cold chain interruption. Thereby, minimizing operating and maintenance costs compared to using specialized refrigerated trucks.


All in all, cold-chain logistics and last-mile delivery are critical components of the transportation industry, ensuring that products reach the consumer in the best possible condition. Olivo insulated boxes have revolutionized the transportation of perishable goods, providing excellent insulation and temperature control. With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, the demand for efficient logistics and last-mile delivery will continue to increase, and Olivo insulated boxes will play a key role in meeting this demand.

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