Olivo insulated box for restaurant’s food and beverage delivery!

In order to ensure food and beverage delivery goes smoothly without any damage, choosing the right material for containing purpose always needs to be carefully considered as this will help businesses and restaurants preserve goods at the best quality until they reach the customers. With Olivo’s insulated box, keeping food at the best situation won’t […]

Case study: Olivo insulated box for food delivery

  For the Food and Beverage industry, cold chain logistics plays a significant role in maintaining the product’s quality and freshness until it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Normally foam boxes are mainly used for this application nowadays but it cannot guarantee the quality and freshness of the product to be maintained for a […]

Case Study – Olivo Container For Fresh Food Delivery

Olivo insulated container environmentally friendly food preservation solution

CASE STUDY: OLIVO FOR FRESH FOOD DELIVERY Ensuring compliant product temperatures to delivery Case Details: Client: P’TI SAI GON RESTAURANT Location: Distric 2, Ho Chi Minh city Industry: Food and beverage Application: Shipping food System: Olivo insulated box 64 and box 34 Type of food: fresh fresh food like vegetable, meet, ice cream, prepared dishes,… […]