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How to Deburring with dry ice ?


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In the process of manufacturing and manufacturing plastic products, we will always observe excess fringes surrounding the finished product, which are called swarf. The rest for us to get the complete final product is to remove and process those swarf, which is called deburred and deflashing. In fact, deburring and deflasing with CO2 dry ice is considered the most effective method. So how do we use dry ice to deburring and deflashing ?

deburring with dry ice
The effectiveness when deburring with dry ice

What is dry ice ?

First, we need to find out what dry ice is. dry ice, also known as dry ice CO2, is carbon dioxide in condensed form. CO2 solidifies at -78.5 degrees Celsius and is used in many industries.

For transport businesses, they will use dry ice for the purpose of preserving products that need to be kept at extremely low temperatures such as frozen foods or vaccines, medicines, etc.

Moreover, dry ice is also applied in industries, namely industrial cleaning, machinery and factories. Therefore, dry ice is the perfect material for deburring and deflashing on plastic products and parts.

How dry ice can deburring and deflashing plastic parts ?

To use CO2 dry ice for deburring and deflashing on plastic products and parts, you will need to use a device called a dry ice blasting machine to conduct cleaning. Dry ice machine will use pressure from an external gas source and take advantage of the supersonic speed when blasting for cleaning.

When dry ice is fired from dry ice blasting machine, they collide with the burr and flash at great speed, thereby deburring and deflashing on plastic products quickly.

However, you need to choose the right type of dry ice blasting machine to get the best results. In the case of handling and deburring, deflashing on plastic products, you will need to use the Microparticle Series dry ice blasting machine to clean even the smallest details.

Microparticles Series dry ice blasting machine is also applied to remove dirt on electronic circuit boards.

Benefits of using dry ice blaster for deburring and deflashing on plastic parts 

The benefits of dry ice blasting machine when deburring and deflashing on plastics products and plastic parts can be mentioned as follows:

  • Does not alter finished product geometries
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Is effective for removing all types of flash and burrs
  • Reduces part finishing time and lowers costs
  • Leads to consistent quality

Where can we buy dry ice blasters ?

In Vietnam, Specco2 is proud to be the exclusive distributor of SPECCo2 dry ice blasting machine, America’s leading industrial hygiene equipment. You can contact Specco2 directly to get a detailed quote for a dry ice blasting machine.


The dry ice blasting machine is an effective cleaning and deburring and deflashing on plastic parts. The results have been proven by many large companies and enterprises in foreign countries. And in Vietnam, Specco2 is a distributor of dry ice blasting machine products and equipment for businesses not only in the country but also in Southeast Asia. Please contact Specco2 for 24/7 consultation.

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